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These capabilities and resources are usually the most unevenly distributed. First contact: Outside the store, queues are frequent. Once inside, the first contact is an intimidating security guard. Staff often are aloof and not connected to the customers. As luxury streetwear becomes increasingly mainstream, it can be hard for staff to differentiate between browsers and potential buyers, or to embody traditional luxury codes with a new generation that is used to different codes. Customers also expect to be greeted and served in culturally appropriate ways. Staff must be trained on how to adapt to different customers. They could also be matched with specific customers in terms of age, gender or culture. An app allowing customers to engage with the brand and perhaps book appointments with sales staff and allowing the company to collect information and use data analytics to better serve customers can be helpful. Chanel is beginning to use Farfetch’s store operating system to deliver a more personal welcoming experience based on two-way communication. Sales assistants can instantly customize their welcome based on the consumer’s online and off-line engagement with Chanel,[8] and consumers can inform the store in advance which items they wish to try on.

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